Our Team

Current Members

Dr. Brian Sheil

Group PI

Email: bbs24@cam.ac.uk

Dr. Geyang Song

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: geyang.song@eng.ox.ac.uk

Jack Templeman

DPhil Researcher

Email: jack.templeman@eng.ox.ac.uk

Bryn Phillips

DPhil Researcher

Email: bryn.phillips@hmc.ox.ac.uk

Maral Bayaraa

DPhil Researcher

Email: maral.bayaraa@eng.ox.ac.uk

Yixiong Jing

DPhil Researcher

Email: yixiong.jing@eng.ox.ac.uk

Alex Swallow

DPhil Researcher

Email: alex.swallow@eng.ox.ac.uk

Daniel McNamara

DPhil Researcher

Email: daniel.mcnamara-1@students.plymouth.ac.uk

Kevin O’Dwyer

DPhil Researcher

Email: kevin.odwyer@eng.ox.ac.uk

Jiaxu Zuo

DPhil Researcher

Email: jiaxu.zuo@eng.ox.ac.uk

Yuling Max Chen

DPhil Researcher

Email: Yuling.chen@eng.ox.ac.uk

Pete Hensman

MSc Researcher

Email: pete.hensman@eng.ox.ac.uk

Pin Zhang

Newton International Fellow (Royal Society)

Email: dr.pin.zhang@gmail.com

Asad Wadood

PhD Researcher


Wei Lin

Visiting scholar

Email: linwei9612@outlook.com

Alumni Members

Irinka Lamiquiz-Pratt

4YP Student, Project title: "Design and development of a new low-cost multi-axis force sensor using fibre optics"

Michael Watford

4YP Student, Project title: "Influence of Group Shape on the Capacity of Horizontally-Loaded Pile Groups in Undrained Soil"

Matthew Willoughby

4YP Student, Project title: "Deep shafts: Experimental testing of construction-induced soil settlements"

Cutting Edge Science for Industry Implementation

Our research is informed by and tailored for real-world implementation. We value industry input and collaboration in any form. Do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about how we can help overcome practical pain points.